The AddOn looks strange since the last update. What can I do?

Such problems can appear if the browser stores some AddOn files in the browser cache and a new update brings changes.

This problem is easy to fix:

  1. Choose your browser enter the text into you searchbar:
    - Chrome: chrome://settings/siteData
  2. Search for: letsxeri.lima-city:
    - Chrome: small searchbar (top right corner)
  3. Delete cookies:
    - Chrome: press "delete all visible cookies"

Tool AddOns

How long will it take to receive my requested result? 

  • Free: minimum waiting time of 48h+
  • PremiumPro: minimum waiting time of 12h+

How do I receive the result?

  • Free: download link (mega.nz) via Email or Discord
  • PremiumPro: contact for more options

Wallpaper AddOns

Is the Internet slower because of loading the video files?

  • No. All video files are stored offline in the AddOn Package. When you're not connected to the internet we close the connection for security reasons. Don't worry you can still surf in highspeed with 100x New Tabs open.